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If you visit beautiful Downey, California for the first time, be sure to use Fiesta Taxi as your transportation service. Our professional and independent drivers are able to get you to, from and around Downey safely and quickly, and with no hassle. Our team of driving professionals is known for transporting individuals throughout the Los Angeles area, including to and from regional airports. Fiesta Taxi has years of experience and can provide you with fast and courteous transportation services in Downey. If you need transportation services, simply give us a call or text via your cell phone, or go online to our website for more information. With timely and professional taxi services our courteous drivers will be happy to get you where you need to go.

Downey: Journey to the Stars

Downey has a unique history filled with many interesting characters and locals. Downey is known for being the place where the Apollo Space Program started. For the foodies, Downey has the oldest McDonalds restaurant as well as the site of the first Taco Bell.

Downey is located near the downtown LA area and offers easy access to the city’s many amenities. When visiting Downey, enjoy quick and convenient transportation services with Fiesta Taxi. When you take advantage of our quality transportation services, you can relax and truly enjoy the many amenities of the beautiful and unique city of Downey.

What To Do In Downey

From Downey you can easily visit LA and its many amenities. However, there are still many wonderful things to do just in Downey including:

  • Parks – Downey is pleased to offer a wide array of parks and recreation centers throughout the city. Enjoy swimming and water fun at the Downey Community Aquatic Center, or enjoy a peaceful stroll or a quiet fishing trip in Wilderness Park.
  • Columbia Memorial Space Center - Dedicated to preserving the history of aerospace engineering in Downey, the Columbia Memorial Space Center offers extensive exploration of space flight, from the Apollo capsules to the Space Shuttle Orbiters. The Columbia Memorial Space Center is also the only space science learning center in the Los Angeles area dedicated to hands-on robotics, perfect for a fun-filled afternoon!
  • Downey Civic Theatre – The Civic Theatre is proud to offer a wide range of performing arts and events for the Downey community. Enjoy an evening with the Downey Symphony, or experience the culture and excitement of the Dia de Los Muertos Art festival.

Fiesta Taxi is happy to accommodate all of your transportation needs when you are visiting Downey or the surrounding area. If you have special transportation needs, like paratransit support or transportation for a large group, we are still able to accommodate you! Simply give us a call for more information on special transportation needs.

Getting To and Around Downey

Fiesta Taxi certainly makes it easy for those traveling to and from Downey and LA. Our premium airport services, can make your airport travel experience hassle free. We can drop you off at LAX (the Los Angeles International Airport), Long Beach airport or any other regional airport. Fiesta Taxi will get you there with plenty of time to spare, ensuring you are never late. The professional team at Fiesta Taxi will provide you with stress-free airport transportation services anytime you need it.

The professional team of independent drivers at Fiesta Taxi is happy to provide you with the best transportation services throughout the Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Downey. If you need to be picked up and taken somewhere, be sure to call Fiesta Taxi today!